Are you looking for a family lawyer in Canada? This guide can help!

Are you looking for a family lawyer in Canada? This guide can help!

It is quite tricky to handle personal matters like divorce, estates and trusts, and family disputes. As you have to deal with family members, you have to try your best to get things done with minimal damage to personal relations.

Many law firms in Canada specialize in family law. For instance, Litvack Dessureault LLP law firm has one of the best lawyers in Quebec and has been part of many significant trial cases in the country.

What categories come under family law?

Most people think family law is synonymous with divorce. But there are many other categories clubbed under family law, and divorce is just one of them. 

For instance, family law includes child custody, division of property, writing a will, and so on. Spousal support and parenting are two other aspects that are a part of family law when it’s a divorce case at hand. 

Trusts and estates laws also impact family members, especially when there is a property dispute or challenge over a deceased relative’s final will.

Usually, law firms handling family laws also handle estates and trusts cases. 

What to look for in a family lawyer?

  1. Quality of service is a prerequisite in finding lawyers for your case. You should be able to communicate your problems freely with the attorney. For this, the law firm should promote a culture of client centrality, where each client receives special attention. 
  2. You have to also look at the firm’s and lawyer’s success rate in family disputes and related cases. Successful attorneys always have a defined approach that helps them win the case. You should carefully research these aspects of the law firm before finalizing an attorney to handle your case. 
  3. Cost is another limiting factor when it comes to hiring a family lawyer or an estates attorney. The level of comfort you feel with the attorney and the person’s competence is always secondary to affordability. So, always make a list of attorneys to choose from by factoring in all these above-mentioned criteria. 

Final thoughts 

Family disputes like challenging wills are quite hard to deal with. However, an attorney can guide you in the right direction by giving the necessary legal advice.

Similarly, divorce is a very personal matter but it also involves many legal aspects. So, the choice of an attorney is very crucial in both cases. Start looking for law firms specializing in family laws, estates, and trusts, and find yourself a lawyer who can best represent you.