Are You Still Eligible for Philadelphia, PA Workers’ Compensation Benefits After a Layoff or Company Closure?

Are You Still Eligible for Philadelphia, PA Workers’ Compensation Benefits After a Layoff or Company Closure?

In the state of Pennsylvania, employers must carry workers’ compensation insurance. Thus, they have to hire separate insurance companies that will provide this coverage. Workers’ comp insurance is available through private insurance companies, the State Workers’ Insurance Fund, or self-insurance. A worker’s coverage starts on their first day of work. They are covered for as long as they are employed by the company. If they sustain injuries or illnesses on the job, they are entitled to compensation. Philadelphia, PA workers’ compensation attorneys can assist an injured worker in their fight against insurance providers that want to reduce or deny their claims. But what happens if an employee gets laid off or when the company shuts down?

Can You Still Receive Worker’s Compensation?

You can still get compensation during layoffs and company closures. The circumstances differ depending on your specific situation. If you suffered an injury or illness and are getting worker’s comp benefits before you are laid off, you continue to get regular compensation. Remember that health insurance is different from your workers’ comp, so you won’t get assistance with medical assistance associated with your work-related injury. 

If you sustained an injury before the layoff but this injury is not recognized, you may hold your employer liable if it prevents you from working. Every workplace injury must be taken seriously because even a minor one before a layoff can develop and cause bigger problems. To uphold your rights, get in touch with a worker’s comp attorney.

Meanwhile, if your employer is shutting down the company, their insurer is still responsible for paying you workers’ comp benefits if you suffered a workplace injury. If the insurer suddenly stops paying you compensation, call your lawyer to negotiate a sum payment or continuous payments.

Are You Eligible for Unemployment?

In Pennsylvania, you can qualify for unemployment if you have been laid off because of no fault of your own. Also, you should be able to work and prove you are trying to look for a job. 

If you sustained an injury or illness due to an event in your former workplace, you won’t be able to qualify for unemployment depending on the seriousness of your injury and its effects on your ability to work. Your eligibility for unemployment depends on factors such as when exactly you suffered your injury, how your employer accommodated it, and if you have settled your workers’ comp case. Often, it is best to consult with an attorney when handling workers’ compensation and unemployment cases.