Can I Get a DUI As a Passenger?

Can I Get a DUI As a Passenger?

It may seem simple, but is it really? In Florida, you can technically be charged with DUI even if you are just sleeping in your vehicle. There are specific laws that apply to passengers under the influence.

What is DUI?

In Florida, DUI stands for driving under the influence, referring to a driver or person in control of a motor vehicle who is impaired by alcohol or other controlled substances. This means passengers cannot be charged with DUI as they are not in physical control of the vehicle. The only exception is if a passenger touches the steering wheel while the car is moving.

If you are just a passenger, you won’t be charged with DUI. However, there’s another alcohol-related rule you should know about.

Open Container Rules

In Florida, it’s illegal to have an open alcoholic beverage in a vehicle. All alcoholic drinks must be stored in the trunk or in a sealed container. If you’re a passenger with an open can of beer, you could face serious trouble.

While some states treat having an open container in the vehicle as a misdemeanor, in Florida, it’s a civil offense. Consequently, a passenger can be fined up to $60 and a driver up to $90. Additionally, 3 points will be added to your driver’s license.

If the Driver is Stopped for DUI

As a passenger, you won’t face penalties if the driver is stopped and charged with DUI. However, we encourage you not to ride with an intoxicated driver. Instead, call a sober family member or friend, or use a service like Uber or Lyft.

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