Consumer Complaint


A Consumer Complaint is a formal complaint against a seller or service provider and is filed before the appropriate consumer forum and also called consumer court. The Complaint is filed when the seller or service provider fails to rectify the problem even after receiving a proper legal notice. The Complaint contains details and documentary evidence about the defective product and/or service, along with the compensation and relief sought by you. Consumer Courts in India are separate from other courts and established exclusively to provide relief to consumers and therefore, are known to provide quick and effective legal relief.

As a consumer, everyone have several rights under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986. If a seller has sold you a defective product or a service provider has provided inadequate service, you can seek relief under the law by filing a Consumer Complaint.

Consumer Complaint can be filed against whom?

           The Consumer Complaint can be filed against any seller and service provider. The seller and service providers can be classified under various categories like Airlines, Business, Clothing and Accessories, E-Commerce, Education, Electronics & Appliances, Entertainment & Recreation, Finance, Food, Government Organizations, Hotel and Hospitality, Hospital and Medical Services, Home décor and Care, Industrial Services, Internet Services, Jewelry and Accessories, Press, Online Fraud, Public Transportation, Real Estate, Restaurants and Bars, Sports & Fitness Centre, Mobile Service Providers, Travel and Vacations, Wedding Services and other Planners.

Who Can File A Consumer Complaint In India

According to the Consumer Protection Act, you can file a Consumer Complaint if you are:-

  • A consumer – i.e. an individual who purchases goods or avails services for his/her personal use (but not for resale or commercial purposes).
  • A group of consumers having a common interest.
  • Legal heirs of a deceased consumer.
  • Relatives of a consumer.
  • Legal guardian of a consumer, in case the consumer is a minor.
  • Any registered volunteer organization that acts on behalf of consumers (e.g. The Consumer Guidance Society of India).

What are the duties of a consumer?


  • Select a shop that has been in business for a considerable period of time.
  • Make sure you have full information regarding quality and price before making the purchase.
  • Ensure you get the receipt, warranty card, instruction manual and other literature from the shopkeeper. Also, in case of gadgets, or electronic devices, go through the instruction manual carefully. A receipt with a store’s seal will be a necessary document should a situation arise where you wish to file a legal suit. 
  • In case of gadgets or electronic goods, ensure that the seller has a service centre in your city. 
  • Before buying a product, please ensure you have all information about the return/refund options.