Name Change



In India, changing original birth name is very common and a wide glimpse for numerous reasons. Whatever the reason be, the procedure under the law is the same. The only probable condition for eligibility to change name is that the applicant must be 18 years and above to change their own name. Name Change could be due to marriage, for good luck or for a new identity.

Documents Required

Here are the documents which are required and need to be submitted along with Pro Forma:-

  • Duly certified copy of the Ration Card/Passport/Voter Identity Card/Residential Certificate from Tahsildar shall be enclosed.
  • Certified copy of registered adoption deed to be enclosed. (In case of adoption)
  • Certified Judgment copy to be enclosed. (In case of divorce)
  • The original religious conversion/ reconversion certificate issued by the Religious Authority. (In case of change in religion)

The documents that are supposed to be attached are-

  • Affidavit for name change
  • A copy of the Newspaper ad
  • Birth/educational certificate. (Those who do not have a copy of the certificate should enclose a copy of the certificate issued by a Doctor working in any of the Govt. Hospital, as a proof of age.
  • Residential Proof copy of ration card/Voter Identity/Passport.