No Objection Certificate


The ‘No Objection Certificate’ which states that the person signing a NOC does not have any objections over the matter in question. No Objection Certificate (NOC) is a legal document, issued by an organization, institute, or an individual to say that they have no objection to the mentioned details in the document. It can be used for employment, trade, litigation, immigration, and many other purposes to nullify any objection by the party concerned in the process.

Types of No-Objection Certificate

NOC for Immigration

Immigration from one country to another country for some specific purpose is also carried through an NOC letter. This letter guarantees the employer, the institution, or the company about the migrating person and allows him to employ or study in that country.

NOC for Construction and Renovation

An individual or a business may also need an NOC letter for construction of a house or a plant. For the sale purchase or renting of a property, NOC for the property may be required. In some renowned societies, NOC letter is necessary for the renovation of an old building.

NOC for Student

NOC for Student is a legal document that can be issued by the educational institute to the student who can submit it where required.

NOC for Writing and Art

The use of NOC in writing and Art has become common nowadays because of the availability of the internet. This NOC letter allows the person demanding it to use the copyrighted material of a company or an individual for his/her personal use. It is usually issued by a copyright company or an individual.

NOC from Banks or Financial institutions

It is mandatory for both builders as well as home buyer. Many builders often take loan from banks or financial institutions to develop their project. So, once the project gets complete and the whole amount is repaid, they need to take NOC from the lending institution to remove the mortgage tag from the property. Just like above, a home buyer who takes loan from banks needs to ask for NOC so as to claim ownership on the property.

NOC for Employment

Employment NOC document is issued by the employer which allows an individual to change his job either within the organization or outside the organization. In most of the cases, the head of the department changes the job position and allows the person to do some other job in the best interest of the employer.

NOC for Travelling Purpose

The Travel NOC letter is also issued by the government or public sector organization or an educational institute to allow a person to fly abroad. Keeping this document can increase the chances of obtaining an early Visa for an individual.

NOC from Collector

If you want to transfer your property to someone else, then it is important to get NOC from the collector. This happens when a developer or any other corporate offer their lands on leasehold. In such cases, the lessor has to receive a NOC from the collector office. However, it is not mandatory in all the states.