Parking Your Car Safely -Tips 

Parking Your Car Safely -Tips 

Parking your car can be one of the most annoying tasks when it comes to driving. But, knowing some tricks and tips can ease the job for you. If you do not know how to park correctly, it could also be dangerous, resulting in a parking lot car accident. Although such accidents do not usually result in major injuries or property damages, it is better not to risk them. 

Parking spaces, especially in urban areas, are increasingly becoming limited and congested, so it is important to learn some tips, such as parallel parking, reverse parking, etc. Nevertheless, if you have been in a parking lot accident, speak to a lexington personal injury attorney today. 

Parking your car safely: Tips 

  • Find a suitable space. 

This may seem obvious, but you should always park your car where the space is big enough. You may be surprised to know that many people attempt to park their car in small spaces and end up denting another vehicle. Estimating the space between two vehicles can be tricky, and it is a judgment you usually have to make yourself. Use mirrors and the general distance between two cars to determine if your car will fit. 

  • Park in a well-lit area. 

If parking your vehicle after dark, choose a well-lit space. Park close to your destination so you can quickly go to your place after parking. Do not park in an unsafe neighborhood. If you do not find a safe space, consider driving around until daylight. In such cases, finding legal parking spots is the best choice. 

  • Avoid parking your car next to large vehicles. 

It is advisable to park your car next to vehicles the same size and avoid parking next to large ones, such as buses, trucks, pick-up vans, containers, etc. For starters, you will face difficulty when you want to drive out of the parking lot as these vehicles will obstruct your way. Secondly, since they are big, they will serve as great hiding spots for thieves trying to break into your car. 

  • Indicate where you are parking. 

Once you have found the area where you want to park your vehicle, whether a bay on the left or right, make others know that you will park, this will prevent someone from overtaking you before you pull in. However, you should check in the mirror one last time to double-check if it is safe to turn. 

If you have been in a parking lot accident, contact an attorney in Lexington today.