In India, Freedom of religion is one of the fundamental rights under the Article 15 and Article 25 of Constitution of India. India is a secular country where changing religion is legal and anyone can practice any religion without any restriction. A person can change his/her religion due to Marriage or Divorce or Self Belief, but it should be in good faith. The Change of Religion is the fundamental right of any citizen of India, but the Change of Religion has to be Notified, So that you can change it in all Out Legal documents etc. After Changing Religion as per the Customs, it needs to be notified in Government Gazette.



Conversion to Hinduism

In order to practice and convert to Hinduism, there is no official conversion process or religious ceremony. One needs only to have the will and the commitment to study the scriptures and abide the proper practices as provided in the Religion. In India, you can visit a nearby Arya Samaj temple and show your willingness towards conversion to Hinduism post which they will issue you a certificate of conversion.

Conversion to Islam

For conversion to Islam, one needs to visit a mosque in the locality and take Shahada in the presence of a Maulvi and two major witnesses. Once the Shahada is performed, the Maulvi will issue a conversion certificate on the letterhead of the mosque, which is called as Shahada certificate. This document includes the date and the details of the witnesses present. Once the individual receives the conversion certificate they can start practicing Islam. The same has to be notified to the Gazette of India by filing an application. It is to be noted that there requires no separate name change process when a person changes religion. One Gazette notification applies both to religion and name change processes.

Conversion to Christianity

When one goes to the Church for changing the religion, a Baptism will be issued where the person gets a new Christian name and a certificate by the church.

Documents Required

  • An affidavit on a stamp paper of minimum value Rs.10.
  • The original newspaper copy in which the advertisement was published
  • Original conversion certificate from the respective religious institution.
  • The prescribed application (proforma) in printed format duly signed by the application and two witnesses and declaration.
  • Two passport size photographs.
  • Photocopies of valid ID proof ( PAN card/ Aadhaar card/ Voter ID/ Passport)
  • A request letter along with the registration fee to the authority.