Qualities to Prioritise When Looking for a Trusted Lawyer  

Qualities to Prioritise When Looking for a Trusted Lawyer  

Whether you’re facing divorce, estate settlement or have had a claim leveraged against you, in order to secure the best outcome of any lawsuit or dispute, you’ll need a lawyer. Lawyers in Melbourne are capable and experienced in handling most types of law disputes, but how do you find one you can trust and connect with on a personal level? This article will go over the most important qualities to prioritise when it comes to looking for a trusted lawyer. 


While professional expertise and sound knowledge of their chosen legal discipline are both crucial qualities when looking for lawyers in Melbourne, above all else you should seek to find a lawyer who is compassionate to your case and takes the time to understand you on a personal level.

Legal disputes are a process of negotiation, so in order to secure the best outcome for you, your lawyer will first need to be equipped with as much information as possible in order to advocate effectively on your behalf. Compassion is also an important quality for making you feel more at ease. It’s likely that any legal dispute you find yourself in will make you feel vulnerable, so having a lawyer who can truly sympathise with your plight will go a long way to easing any tension or doubts you may have about your case. 


When hiring any professional, your bare minimum expectation should be that they possess the relevant qualifications and licenses to render the services they advertise. However, when it comes to lawyers in Melbourne, it’s crucial that you also look for professionals who have experience dealing with your specific dispute. 

This will not only give you extra peace of mind when hiring a prospective lawyer, but experience could mean the difference between securing a favourable outcome for you as the client or walking away from the case worse off than before you started. 


To the average person, law itself can seem like a rather dull profession. Some lawyers in Melbourne have readily accepted complacency, especially if they’ve been in the profession for decades. However, lawyers that can be adaptable under pressure and continually approach their profession with an entrepreneur-like curiosity are more likely to have success when dealing with a case.

When looking for a lawyer, another crucial but more nuanced quality to be on the lookout for is curiosity. A curious lawyer will take their inspiration from multiple sources, some even unrelated to the legal profession itself, combining them in a way that produces unexpected and creative solutions to otherwise routine and rudimentary legal issues. 


Having an effective communicator to support you will not only streamline the negotiation process, but will also ensure you’re able to fully capitalise on any small details in your case and use them to your full advantage. When looking for lawyers in Melbourne, you should also look for a lawyer who can communicate in a succinct, clear and bespoke manner. Ideally, they will be able to communicate information just as intelligently and precisely through an email as they can when meeting face to face.