Things You Should Never Throw Away During A Divorce

Things You Should Never Throw Away During A Divorce

 When couples divorce, it is expected of them to despise each other, sometimes to the point where they cannot even stay in the same room without arguing. When this happens, you may want to throw away all of your memories of them, such as their photos, gifts, etc. While it is great to move after a divorce, there are some things that are worth holding on to. 

If you are contemplating throwing away your ex’s things during your divorce, you should also understand the consequences. Some things have more value than you may think. Meanwhile, for any help during your divorce, contact a Lehi divorce lawyer

Things you should never throw away during a divorce 

  • Family photos. 

You may not want to look at your ex’s face anymore nor want to keep any pictures of you two together. However, family photos are a precious memory for your children. They may not be your spouse any longer, but they are still your child’s parents. 

Years down the road, your child may want to see how their parents were before the divorce. This also gives them a chance to learn about their parents and satisfy their curiosities. Who knows, some of these pictures may even remind you of some good times. 

  • Household items. 

When spouses move away from a house, they only take a few items just to get by. They do not usually take everything with them. If that is the case with you, then there may be several personal belongings of your spouse still lying here and there around the house. It may anger or upset you to look at them. However, do not throw them away as soon as your spouse leaves. It is only a matter of time until they realize they need it and come back to get it. 

  • Your wedding dress and other memories. 

When a marriage ends, it can be one of the most painful and difficult moments of your life. You may want to get rid of everything that reminds you of your wedding day, including your dress and photos. You and your spouse may not want to remember your wedding, but it is not the same for your family. Your parents, siblings, friends, and children may still enjoy the photos and videos. 

  • Valuable items. 

When in anger, you may want to throw away even the most valuable things given by your ex. However, be careful because some of these items may be jointly owned by your and your spouse. Destroying, selling, or throwing away valuable items is sure to start an issue in a Lehi court. You may even have to compensate for throwing away the things.