What Does A Criminal Lawyer Do?

What Does A Criminal Lawyer Do?

Most people have a basic understanding of how the criminal law system works. However, with so much at stake – including possibly your freedom – you do not want to navigate this system alone. You want to hire an experienced Frisco criminal defense attorney to represent you. But what exactly do criminal lawyers do?

Criminal lawyers are licensed by their state, and they must meet certain requirements to obtain a law license. This license enables criminal lawyers to represent clients in a court of law. Criminal lawyers may work for a district attorney’s office and represent the state, or they may represent defendants and help them defend against criminal charges. 

Other criminal lawyers may work for a public defender’s office and represent indigent criminal defendants. These criminal defendants often cannot afford to hire an attorney, and the state provides legal representation through the public defender’s office. 

State jurisdictions have their own penal codes that are specific to each jurisdiction. Some of these penal codes are inspired by the Model Penal Code. This document was vital to the codification of substantive criminal law in the United States. The Model Penal Code was published in 1962. In Texas, the Texas Penal Code is the governing body of law that sets out the elements of each criminal offense and possible penalties. Criminal lawyers defend the rights of people facing charges under these laws. 

Some actions performed by criminal lawyers in Texas include: 

  • Filing motions to suppress regarding the admissibility of evidence
  • Filing motions to dismiss
  • Performing legal research and gathering relevant evidence that will benefit your case
  • Discussing the case details with other attorneys for a plan of attack
  • Choosing and excluding jurors during voir dire
  • Interviewing witnesses who may have seen the events related to the case 
  • Reviewing and challenging the evidence the prosecution against a defendant
  • Negotiating plea agreements

These are only some of the many ways an experienced criminal lawyer can help in your case. 

What Does A Criminal Lawyer Do In A Regular Work Day?

Criminal lawyers perform various tasks throughout the day. Caseloads and the specific requirements of a particular case often dictate how an attorney spends his or her time. 

A criminal lawyer may be in the courthouse all day attending preliminary hearings, jury trials, and motion hearings. On another day, a criminal lawyer may consult with potential clients in the office or draft motions to be filed with the court. No criminal lawyer will perform the same exact tasks every day. The legal profession is dynamic, and many criminal lawyers must have a diverse set of skills. 

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