Injured By a Defective Product? Here is What You Should Do!

Injured By a Defective Product? Here is What You Should Do!

Defective products are the cause of numerous injuries as well as the deaths of thousands of people every year. If a defective product hurt you, you are legally entitled to seek compensation for any injuries. Consulting a Tacoma personal injury lawyer helps get the best legal help to file the claim and get fair compensation to cover all the damages. 

Essential Steps to Take After Being Injured by a Defective Product 

  • Immediate medical attention 

Seeking medical help immediately should be the priority to ensure your safety and well-being. It should be kept in mind that some symptoms develop later and may not surface right after the incident. Moreover, keep a record of all the medical documents as it will come in handy when seeking compensation. 

  • Preserve evidence carefully.

You must preserve all the evidence of your injuries and damages. The product should not be tampered with or thrown away. It should be kept intact as it will serve as evidence for the potential lawsuit. Additionally, take photographs and videos of the injuries. It is advised to jot down all the details regarding the product and the harm caused by it to give an account of what happened. Details such as the location of the incident, product name, date as well as time of the incident, and the contact information of the witnesses present around the incident.

  • Understand the law. 

A better understanding of the law can help make the case stronger. The consumer must be well aware of the rights exercised under these circumstances. Seeking legal guidance from professionals is advised.

  • Product liability claim.

Under product liability law, the manufacturer or supplier is responsible for ensuring their products’ safety and warning their customers in case of any dangers associated with them. The seller or manufacturer of defective products is liable for the harm caused to the consumer because of the product, and the victim can file a claim accordingly.

Three types of product defects can be asserted under this law:

  • Design defect: This refers to the inherent fault or defect in the product’s design. As per this, the product is believed to be flawed even before the manufacturing process.
  • Manufacturing defect: This refers to the defect caused in the product during the manufacturing process. As per this, it is believed that the product had a safe design but became defective during the assembling process.
  • Marketing defect: This refers to inadequate marketing of the product. A claim can be filed for this in cases of poor labeling, insufficient safety warning, or improper instructions.